Lotus Wood burning Stoves

  • Manufacture: Lotus
  • Delivery: Free to local area
  • Warranty: 10 Years Extended Warranty when purchased from an authorised stockist
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Lotus Wood burning Stoves, quality first, Danish design with a focus on functionality.
Wood stoves should be easy to operate, attractive and environmentally friendly. We have 
thus opted to give top priority to quality and functionality in our design philosophy as well 
as in our choice of materials. All our stoves are tested by recognized test authorities, so as 
to warrant that a Lotus will always meet the most stringent environmental requirements. The Lotus range has been created in close cooperation between Architect Kaare Solvsten, technicians and suppliers from all over the world. We combine Danish design tradition with the best quality components, creating products incorporating outstanding design, functionality and technology. We have been producing wood stoves since 1979. Our range now includes ten unique design series which may all be supplemented with various accessories. The stove matching your home best and meeting the needs of your family fully will always be available to you.



You know it instinctively. You can always distinguish between a quality product – and one that isn’t. Quality speaks its own language, has its own style. You can see it. You can feel it. You can hear it. This is the feeling we are striving for when you see our wood-burning stoves and fireplace inserts for the first time. And more. We want you to appreciate the flames, the clean combustion, the thickness of the glass, the sound when you open and close the doors and the ingenious and stylish design. Because when we think wood-burning stoves, we basically think quality. In all respects. Our stoves must burn the fuel as efficiently as possible, and ensure the lowest possible CO2 emissions. They must be durable and solid, with functional and elegant design. Taking this as our starting point, we have developed and manufactured wood-burning stoves for more than 35 years. And which is why our stoves heat thousands of homes in Denmark, Germany, Norway, Sweden, France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and the UK.