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  • Manufacture: Aga
  • Delivery: Free to local area
  • Warranty: AGA Stoves Warranty is five years for parts and one year for labour
  • Come and see the Ellesmere 5, Little Wenlock Classic and Wren stoves at our showroom
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For over 90 years AGA has remained at the forefront of engineering excellence. AGA stoves embody the best AGA traditions and employ the very latest technology. The generations of workers who have bestowed their craft, often from father to son, have done so with great care and attention, bringing a sense of pride to each new creation. When you invest in an AGA stove, you are acquiring a piece of history, a talking point and a centrepiece for your home. AGA stoves are brought to you by the manufacturers of the world famous AGA range cooker. They are assembled by hand by skilled craftsmen, giving each one a personal touch and unique quality.


Aga Stoves

Aga multi fuel stoves